Monday, May 2, 2016

‘Adldas’ May Not Be Fake Adidas Brand After All

Stars and more recently Ghanaian stars have been called out on social media for wearing ‘Adldas’ branded apparels deemed as Adidas knock-offs.

But an interesting stocking on the Adidas UK online store may make us rethink what we know about the ‘Adldas’ logo!

The photos for the Argyle Polka-Dot Tee on has the inscription ‘Adldas’ instead of Adidas. The Argyle Polka-Dot Tee brings a playful look to an everyday basic garment.

Built in soft cotton jersey, this men’s t-shirt is covered in a print of small diamonds and Trefoils, and features a front-and-centre 3D-printed Trefoil on the chest.